Friday, July 17, 2009

Guild Wars Winterday in July events

Besides the Guild Wars specials (Snowball Arena and special drops) for the Wintersday in July event (3pm July 17th - 2:59am July 20 ET) there are also 2 other groups giving away free stuff.

General Freebies will be giving away stuff in the Snowball Arena International District 1 on July 19 at 2-3pm ET.

Blade Radio's DJ Bacon has 6 days of giveaways, but there are no times listed.
July 17-19 Snowball Arena International District 1
July 20 Lion's Arch American District 1
July 21 Kamaden (NightFall) American District 2
July 22 Balthazar American District 1

The Snowball Arenas and Balthazar should be accessible to anybody that plays Guild Wars. Hope to see you there. Oh and if you don't know I am Outs Ranger or may be playing Lady Coriander in Guild Wars

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