Monday, November 9, 2009

a LONG overdue update

I am pretty much done with my medical for this insurance year. Might have a weak heart vslve that showed up on EKG, but has not caused any other problems. My right hand seems to be much better with the tingling being much less. My glucose is still borderline high, my triglycerides are high, and my cholesterol has gone down to within range. Only have 2 cleaning appointments to finish up with dental. My vision did not change much, so got prescription sunglasses for driving. The insurance for 2010 is going up ~$35. a year and the vision part of it does not cover polycarbonite or maybe photosensitive lens anymore, but we will be continuing it anyway.

On the fun side: I have really been enjoying playing Guild Wars. I have now finished the primary story lines on all 3 campaigns and the expansion. I also have finished all but a very few of the secondary quests in all of those. My time in game now is spent doing the Zaisen Missions, Zaisen Bounties, and sometimes Zaisen Combat in hard mode everyday. This gives me gold, experience points, sometimes reputation points, and copper coins (which I am now accumulating for rare pets). On Mondays I farm for items that Nicholas the Traveler trades gifts for. Other than this I have been farming for drops to salvage for crafting materials used to make rare crafting materials and for items that collectors will trade for weapons that I want for my heroes.

I am ever thankful for that silly kids game (Virtual Magic Kingdom - VMK) that I met Cindy in. I love her more every day, but still do not understand why she puts up with me.

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  1. Hey! Good to hear from you! Not easy to post regularly. I have long pauses too. Glad your back :-)