Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guild Wars & Free Realms

After a couple of days of spending quality time (watching tv) with my wonderful wife I decided to get back to Guild Wars and trying to get my character and hero builds up to the highest PvXwiki standards.

With quite a lot of gold and some Balthazar faction points finally got my Monk hero to a complete "great" Monk-Word of Healing build. Still have to do some weapon research to determine the best weapon combo for him though.

My Ranger/Monk character and Ranger hero are also very close a "great" Ranger-Barrage (slightly modified for each character) build. Got all the spells and insignias, but the final runes needed for this build will take a lot more gold and the weapon upgrades will have to be found.

My Warrior hero is waiting for 4000 (2 days) of Balthazar faction points to get her final 2 major spells toward her "great" Warrior-Quivering Sword build and then I will work on getting her 2 minor spells, insignias, runes, and weapon upgraded.


Free Realms announced at E3 last week some of their upcoming updates:
- They will get Friends working.
- They will be adding stuff to do after you hit the job level cap at 20.
- They will be adding housing.
- They will be adding Guilds and Guild Halls.

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