Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mostly about books

I pretty much have no idea what Bob was talking about with "Guild Wars", but I am sure I will be brought up to date soon - sigh.

I really need to get into this game since I have lost a couple of others.

I must say that the info packet that came with my new "Eye of the North" gives me a lot to read and learn from.

Both of us have eye appointments tomorrow. Yay, no pain involved.

Visit to SweetBay after to look for KerryGold cheese (thanks Kate, did not even know it existed)

Watched "Time Bandits" the other night and passed it along to Lisa and Marty. That was a very "unusual" movie. Glad I saw it though.

I just finished reading a series of Contemporary Amish Romances. It is really better than it sounds. Written by Cindy Woodsmall. They are amazingly engaging, they manage to combine the conflict between the Amish and the English.

Also just started a vampire series written by a mother and daughter team. They are sort of a Harry Potter with a vampire school instead of Hogwarts.

Yeah, I know, I thought it was stupid at first, but the first one is pretty good! It is the "House of Night" series. I am reading the first "Marked" authors are PC Cast and Kristen Cast.

I am saving up books on Kindle to have them read to me through earbuds while undergoing my upcoming dental work - Arg!

Thanks to Jill and Susan for your support and advice.

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  1. Remember the Dubliner cheese? That is Kerrygold. I like the Blarney Stone better, though.