Friday, June 26, 2009

What has happened lately

We spent yesterday farming. Bob took out the outdoor tomato plants (Sweet 100 performed amazingly well; but the end is the end.) We still have one tomato growing on the "Mr Stripey" so that is left. Then I asked him to help me replace the last of the "Salad Greens" from our original 7 pod Aerogarden.

I had already harvested the last of that lettuce (and a wonderful run we had for months with it!) So all that was left was to clean it out and replant with Cherry Tomatoes.

Ha Ha! Cleaning it out was a 3-4 hour job. Once Mr. OCD had cleaned the entire thing (note - use filtered water to water them, it cuts way down on lime build-up) the pump wasn't working properly.

Fortunately we had a new back-up pump courtesy of a shipping mistake on Aerogrow's part. Finally got it fitted in. Up and running with new plantings of cherry tomatoes. I later found the totally great instructions on the Aerogrow website about how to install a new pump or clean an old one.

Our other garden is planted with "Edible Flowers" (thanks again Ben and Angela!) We have budding and a new flower on the marigolds, yay!

Today we were bummed out and blindsided by the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Not to mention the rumors of other deaths that were totally bogus. Sometimes the Internet just makes me mad.

We will be going to see the Eagles tribute band at Epcot within the next couple of days. Looking forward to it.

As for reading, I am totally enthralled by the Vampire Finishing School series. Marked, Betrayed and Chosen so far (yes they put #3 on kindle) got the 4th today.

Still playing Wizards and I really am taken in by the new stuff on the Test Site. Crafting like mad; but it is getting time consuming and expensive.

My appointment with the rheumatologist is for Sept 15. My dental appt is for July 21. So guess the rehab of my body parts will go forward. Yay!

A new bakery is opening in our little Town Center. They were giving away samples of Lemon Squares yesterday at the Farmers Market. Really good, with a soft crust that even I could eat. Will check them out soon.

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