Wednesday, June 17, 2009

yes Gracie, more Guild Wars stuff

Some might call me OCD (I prefer COD - Crazy On Demand). If playing Guild Wars for over 500 hours in the last 5 months is evidence of that so be it. I just happen to love the no-monthly fee and the fact that this game takes me back to some of my earliest video game playing (Shining Force series on the Sega Genesis and Saturn).

In any case, after collecting the 22+ platinum and 8000 Balthazar faction points I updated my Warrior hero this morning to a very complete "great" PvXwiki "W-Earth Shaker" (hammer weapon) build. All that is needed to complete this build is a Fortitude weapon upgrade for the hammer. I have not used this build in the wild yet, but it worked excellently in the battle arena.
In the first training set I got 4 flawless battles with a 14-0 timed battle win. In the second training set the only non-flawless battle was the flag battle and I got 12-0 in timed. Will be interesting to see how the build does against different and sometimes bigger enemy gangs.

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