Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just an introduction to us in our blog's first post.

We met in Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) online game in June 2005 right before it went live. Over the next 15 months we found we had some common interests (online gaming, Disney,, Star Wars, etc.) and were close in age. However I (Bob) lived in Florida and Cindy lived in California. In September 2007 I flew to California to meet Cindy, see her house, and visit Disneyland Resort with her. After this we flew to Florida, so she could see my apartment and visit Walt Disney World with me. We found out that we were very compatible! In January 2008 she flew to Florida to visit me again and to start things moving toward her moving in with me. In June of 2008 I flew to California to help her pack and drive her back to Florida. We found a bigger apartment in the same general area. Things continued to go well and in March 2008 we got married.

Since then I quit my job at 7-Eleven and we both are now free to do what we want. My usual routine is to get household chores done first, read EMails and forums most of the day, and then play online games at night. Cindy watches daytime soups and evening TV, while sometime reading on her Kindle or playing on the computer. We do get out shopping at least once a week, get to our local farmers market on Wednesday afternoon, and get to Walt Disney World whenever we want (seems to be about every other week).

We are more casual gamers than some, but have been gaming for a little while. Cindy started playing Pogo in 2001, played VMK from June 2005-May 2008, and played Pirates of the Caribbean Online (PotCO) for a while. She is still playing Pogo and also plays Wizard101 (W101), Free Realms, and Guild Wars (when we can talk her into it). I started gaming in 1995 with Sega Genesis and Saturn. For the Genesis I have all 3 Shining (Force) games, 2 Phantasy Stars, Beyond Oasis, and a couple others. For the Saturn have 3 Shining (Force) games, Legend of Oasis, Albert Odyssey, Magic Knight Rayearth, Mystaria (Blazing Heroes), Panzer Dragoon Saga, and a few others. These kept me busy till VMK came along in June 2005. Just before VMK closed in May 2008 I started playing PotCO and still dabble in it sometimes. Presently I am playing W101, Free Realms, and really enjoy Guild Wars (3/4 done with Prophecies, 1/2 done with Eye of the North, and just started Factions/Nightfall). I also dabble in Metaplace.

As a side note: Cindy's daughter used to be a gaming magazine editor and now works for a company that does public relations for gaming companies.

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