Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some recent WDW stuff

Cindy's foot feels better since her Gout caused infection has gone down, so we got to the parks last Saturday and Sunday.

The summer tribute band series at Epcot has started, which means we will be going pretty much once a week for the next 2 months. Coming up are Bon Jovi, Abba, U2, and Tom Petty tributes. On Saturday we saw Hotel California (an Eagles tribute band) and I thought they were much better than when I saw them a couple years ago. Of course this might have been because our seats were 3rd row center, the weather was actually a little cooler than we have been having lately, and there was a nice breeze.

I had a pretzel and Cappuccino smoothie while waiting for the show, so it was only fair to get Cindy a Lime Marguarita after the show. We also stopped at Mouse Gears for some cooking stuff for Cindy and a new pink Tinkerbelle ("Not Every Morning Is So MAGICAL") nightshirt for me. Was so excited about getting rid of a lot of change to buy the shirt, I forgot the $75. Disney birthday gift card I had.

On Sunday Cindy and I took our friends Lisa and Marty to the Magic Kingdom for the DVC / AP exclusive preview of Hall of the Presidents with the new "RObama"! I really love the changes they have made to this show and want to see it again, even when I don't need a cool-down/nap.

However when we got there at around 4pm they had opened it to all guests. This really packed the lobby and made it very hard to see all the changes in there. Next time Disney decides to open up a previously announced exclusive preview I hope they let us know in advance, so we can stay at home and have a chance to see all the changes after the buzz wears off. VERY BAD SHOW DISNEY!!!!

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